Dental Exam

Dental exams are an essential part of your whole health care. If you’re a new patient, Dr. Paulo J. Da Rosa will perform a brief initial exam to see if there are any noticeable issues, and then he’ll lead you to the hygienist for a professional teeth cleaning or have you set up an appointment for one. Most children and adults should have a dental exam once every six months or more often if recommended.

Here at DaRosa Dental, a typical dental exam will likely include the following oral healthcare tasks:

1. Medical History

During your dental visits, Dr. Da Rosa will go over your medical history to see if anything in your health has changed. It’s crucial you let him know if you’ve been diagnosed with a health condition or if you’re taking any new medicines since your last visit.

2. X-Rays

Dr. Da Rosa will inspect your tongue, teeth and mouth thoroughly during your dental exam. If it’s your initial exam, he will likely order a set of X-rays to help him identify any decay or other issues that might not be noticeable with the surface exam. Decay around an old filling or between your teeth can be difficult to identify without X-rays. Dr. Da Rosa will also check for signs of:

  • Oral cancer
  • Gum disease
  • Health issues with your mouth or tongue

He will also check the alignment of your jaws and if your bite is correct (no underbite or overbite).

3. Visual Exam

He’ll conduct a visual exam of your mouth, including the surrounding soft tissue and your teeth. He’ll use a tool called the explorer to check each individual tooth to identify any concerning areas on each tooth. He’ll check for:

  • Stains
  • Decay or cavities
  • Gum recession or gum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontal disease
  • Margins around existing crowns or fillings
  • Check for an over or underbite
  • Teeth grinding or bruxism

4. Oral Cancer Screening Exam

Dr. Da Rosa might also perform an oral cancer screening. This might include him examining your soft tissue to check for any noticeable discolorations, lesions, lumps or other areas of concern. Since an oral exam isn’t enough to know for sure if an area is cancerous, he’ll obtain a biopsy of the area if he detects anything unusual, and send it to the lab for further testing.

Routine dental exams help to not only protect your oral health, but also your general health. For example, symptoms or signs of certain systemic diseases, like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can initially show up in the mouth. If Dr. Da Rosa notices any indications of disease, he’ll refer you to your doctor.

Also, dental exams provide Dr. Da Rosa with a chance to offer you important tips on how to care for your mouth, teeth and gums properly and to detect oral health issues early, when they can be treated most effectively.

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